Pizzeria Steam Beech Pizzeria Steam Beech Pizzeria Steam Beech
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Pizzeria Steam Beech

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This Pizza Serving Board is made of the finest wood, perfect for your favorite flatbreads, pizza pies and charcuterie spreads. Every piece displays the natural grains of the wood, adding to its organic beauty and making each slightly different. Ideal to slice and serve large pizzas, this no-cut Wooden Pizza Serving Plate is a gorgeous pick for every café, pizzeria, and restaurant owner serving pizzas. This also makes the perfect gift for family, friends, and your loved ones. Wood grains and color may vary. Wood bending, cracks are natural changes.

Material Used
Steam beechwood, natural oil.
Age For
14" x 11 "
Product Care
Clean with normal water & wipe with dry cloth. Store in clean & dry place. Just rub it with coconut oil, sunflower oil or olive oil once in a while and watch it age gracefully.

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