Tofu Tray Teak Tofu Tray Teak Tofu Tray Teak
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Tofu Tray Teak

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Simple solid wooden Tray which is very light weight.

Understanding wood: 

Your wooden product breathes. It is important to understand that wood is a material that contracts and expands from season to season, because of changes in humidity and temperature.  The wood takes its time to settle down and gradually, the stiffness reduces in intensity.

Every piece comes with its unique wood grains, shading, knots and medullary rays. These features on a product are a result of the nature of wood, and should not be construed as faults in the wood. They add to the natural and pure beauty of a wooden product. Cherish these. 

These pieces of furniture are handfinished. Minor differences in size, colour, as well as small cracks and spots in the finish may occur. 

Material Used
Teakwood , natural oil.
Age For
14" Length x 7" Depth
Product Care
Regularly clean or dust with soft cloth. In case of any spillage or stains, immediately wipe with a clean, slightly damp cloth. Once in a while if you feel the wood dull then please rub the chair with natural/cooking olive oil with soft cloth. Wash with normal water.

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